Indonesia is often described as the land of islands, dragons and pirates. It is not too exaggerated to say that it has some of the most sought-after places for honeymoons and vacations. Of these beautiful destinations, the majority are in Bali.

Perhaps informed by the many beautiful sceneries, top-notch hoteliers have opened shop here. This makes it a choice destination for couples on their honeymoon. Not at all surprising given the custom engagement rings vendors that dot the area.

Given the sheer number of hotels to choose from for your honeymoon, sometimes, making a choice can be difficult. In a spiritual and magical place, this decision is often overwhelming to newlyweds. For this reason, it helps to have a go-to list for the best places you should consider for your honeymoon rendezvous. Here are some you should take a look at:

Uma by COMO, Ubud

If you have ever been to Bali, chances are that you have heard about Shambhala Estate owned by COMO. Well, as the name suggests, they also own Uma by COMO, a more budget-friendly version of the Shambhala Estate. That is not to say that the quality of the experience will be poor.

Far from it, Uma by COMO is one of Bali’s most entrancing places to stay. With its iridescent-green pool and the Magnolia trees that surround it, you are bound to fall in love with your better half all over again. From as low as £165, you can get to spend a night to remember in this heavenly paradise on earth.

Hanging Gardens Ubud

Have you heard of that pool that is impossibly suspended in the air with tumbling tiers that run through the rainforest? At Hanging Gardens, you get access to the stunning infinity pools in addition to the verdant views that everyone who stays here talks about long after their honeymoon. In fact, every one of the 38 villas and suites has a private infinity pool that is served by the breathtaking soundtracks of waterfalls and exotic birds.

Amanjunkies Anonymous

For frequent travelers, Aman Resorts is not a new term, but you may not be aware that Amanresorts began in Bali island. Today, there are three of them in Bali, making it relatively hard for guests to choose which of the three they should go for their honeymoon stay on this beautiful island.

The first Aman Resort to open its doors in Bali was Amandari. It has a traditional theme and has integrated within its walls a real, traditional Balinese village. The second to open was Amankila. This Gold-listed resort has 34 suites, a beach club, a restaurant, a spa and a huge pool. It is worth noting that Aman is a popular resort for beautiful girls from Brisbane. The third is Amanusa. Some have described it as the most romantically inclined of the three resorts. It has its own white-sand beach, beautiful frangipani-scented gardens, gauzy white canopies and unforgettable sunken baths.